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Corporate Social Responsibility at ADP

At ADP, we are committed to unlocking potential — not only in our clients and their businesses, but in our people, our communities and society as a whole. As one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing services, we have clients, associates, partners, investors, and neighbors across the globe — and have a commitment to each of them to be a conscientious corporate citizen. By virtue of what we do, we feel a particular responsibility to help develop, train and grow the workforce of the future.

Our impact on society is rooted in our mission: to power organizations with insightful solutions that drive business success. Supporting our clients’ growth enables them to invest in and positively influence their communities. During 2012, ADP associates contributed to more than 1,400 initiatives around the world to uphold our promise to be a good corporate citizen. From Illinois to India, and from youth mentoring and job training to women’s leadership initiatives, our commitment to unlocking the potential of our people, clients and communities all around the world is foundational to everything we do.

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We're not just providing data services or technologies; by helping businesses grow, we contribute to the growth of individuals and the economy at large.

Rita Mitjans, Chief Diversity and CSR Officer

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Our Commitment to Employability

We believe that employability – helping people around the world access the skills and opportunities they need to succeed – is core to sustaining our own business and, at the same time, good for society and the world economy. Through education, job skills training, mentoring and career assistance for veterans, underserved youth and other groups, we are able to help people unlock their potential to find and maintain fulfilling employment, ultimately helping businesses and communities around the world grow and prosper. In our communities, our employability efforts fall into these focus areas:  Unlocking potential by investing in education, preparing young people for the working world and job training and assistance.

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Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Our diverse workforce is the backbone of our organization. We believe that associates and partners comprised of diverse experiences, perspectives, ideas, backgrounds, lifestyles, skillsets, opinions, and thoughts make us more competitive and allow us to provide the best service and solutions to our clients. We champion diversity and inclusion through best-in-class recruiting and learning and professional development programs for our associates, as well as a strong commitment to marketplace initiatives such as Supplier Diversity.

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Our Commitment to Ethics & Compliance

Our clients trust us to act ethically and responsibly, and to meet the highest standards when it comes to safeguarding their confidential data. We do this through best-in-class security and privacy protocols and processes, as well as training and awareness programs such as the Small Business Summit on Security, Privacy and Trust, to help minimize risk for our clients, their employees and customers.

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Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

At ADP, we make proactive decisions every day in our offices, homes and communities to help protect the environment and conserve resources. Our focus is on reducing waste, emissions, and our energy needs across the globe through an array of initiatives, from our LEED® Certified Buildings to providing hybrid cars for our sales force.

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Our Commitment to Philanthropy and Volunteerism

Through the ADP Foundation and various workplace giving programs, ADP and its associates support non-profit organizations that align with our core values. Our associates also volunteer significant time to give back to their communities and causes important to them.

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Working with ADP

Policies, Procedures and Procurement Resources

ADP maintains a deep commitment to performance and service excellence on behalf of our clients and partners, and we recognize that creating partnerships with diverse suppliers is a major competitive advantage and a powerful business tool. Here you can learn more about our supplier diversity commitments that have helped make us one of the World’s Most Admired Companies® to work for and with for eight years in a row.

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