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Finding and engaging the right person for the job is tough. Today’s recruiting landscape has changed dramatically, with social networks playing a huge role in sourcing new talent. Some organizations don’t have the staff to integrate new technologies into their recruiting solutions while others lack the right staff to find that niche expert. Seasonal swings pose other complex hiring challenges. And when you finally find the right person, cumbersome and inefficient onboarding processes can leave a new hire wondering if they’ve made the right choice. With specialized, scalable recruiting solutions, we’ll help you acquire the right talent for your business and onboard them with purpose.

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Find and engage top talent with
cutting-edge recruiting solutions.

A quick hire means nothing if it’s not the right hire. You need a talent acquisition strategy that includes the right people, processes, and technology to help you maintain a competitive advantage. Win big with:

  • A customized, outsourced talent acquisition process that will help increase hiring speed, improve candidate and hiring manager experience and reduce administrative burden
  • Recruitment technology that meets candidates’ expectations for a more transparent and interactive hiring process, while addressing organizational demands for speed, integration, quality of hire and visibility
  • Accurate background screening and I-9 verification that help keep your company compliant
  • Benchmarking to help you make the right offer
  • AIRS® Recruitment Training to help ensure your in-house recruiters are up-to-date on industry best practices
  • Tools to help ensure a smooth onboarding process for new hires

More than two-thirds of multinational companies see talent acquisition and tracking as the workforce management strategy with the greatest impact.

Source: Harnessing Big Data, ADP Research Institute®, 2015

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Gain expertise, insight and agility with Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

Having the ability to understand talent supply and demand, ensure your candidate pipeline has quality talent for jobs, scale your recruitment activities to meet peaks and valleys of hiring, and manage recruitment costs can help you win the war for talent. ADP RPO delivers:

  • Market insights and strategies to help you hone in on top talent
  • A proven methodology to attract and engage special interest groups (e.g. diversity, military, recent grads, niche, executives)
  • An experienced team of AIRS® Certified talent acquisition specialists to build customized recruiting strategies, create process efficiencies and incorporate industry best practices
  • Scalable solutions to help you seamlessly address business growth or seasonal hiring peaks
  • Sophisticated recruitment technology that helps reduce cost, risk, and administrative paperwork

[ADP helped us with] proper global predictive workforce planning.

Bradley Arnold, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition, McGraw Hill Financial

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Maximize your ROI with best-of-breed technology.

Built by recruiters for recruiters, our ADP Recruiting Management technology helps you streamline complex multigenerational and multilocation talent acquisition processes, integrate talent with your HCM platform to assess enterprise-wide data, and leverage social networks to locate the best candidates. Our automated platform can be used as a stand-alone program or integrated with your company’s applicant tracking system via APIs, making it easy to:

  • Engage stakeholders with requisition review, approval and interview configuration tools
  • Incorporate mobile and social tools to develop an effective talent pipeline
  • Speed the hiring process with full candidate relationship management capabilities and offer processing
  • Successfully onboard new employees

Help reduce your hiring liabilities with accurate and comprehensive background screening.

Our global employee background checks and pre-employment screening solutions search available public information on your candidates, are custom-fit to your organization’s unique needs, and help to ensure your new hires are a good addition to your company. We perform millions of pre-employment screens in more than 170 countries per year and help companies with:

  • Customized, position-specific solutions for candidate and reference verification
  • Local, state, federal and international criminal reporting
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Medical physical screening management
  • Regulatory updates to help you stay abreast of related employment laws and regulations

Arm your recruiters with the latest sourcing skills through AIRS® Certifications.

An industry leader in recruitment training, AIRS prepares talent acquisition professionals for today’s competitive recruiting market. AIRS Recruitment Training focuses on passive candidate search methodologies using all aspects of the latest recruitment strategies including internet sourcing, social media sourcing, and specialized recruiting tactics. AIRS, powered by ADP, provides:

  • Cutting-edge internet sourcing techniques to locate passive candidates
  • A competitive advantage to recruiters by finding hard to locate top talent
  • Industry-leading certifications to showcase your organization’s commitment to recruiting top performers

Empower your new talent with smart onboarding.

Hiring the right person is just the start. Employee engagement is critical as soon as someone says “yes” to a job offer. Make the most of your onboarding opportunity by:

  • Engaging employees before their first day by connecting them with managers and team members and integrating them into your company’s culture
  • Creating clear processes and streamlining paperwork to improve the onboarding experience
  • Ensuring compliance requirements are met to deliver a smooth onboarding experience for your new hire

Employees with a well-structured onboarding program were 69% more likely to remain the company up to 3 years.

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Follett: Leveraging That Onboarding Experience

Cheryl Brand

Leveraging that onboarding experience is going to give us the opportunity to be able to provide to our workforce a consistent message from leadership.

Cheryl Brand, VP Compensation & HR Systems, Follett

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