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Workforce Management Solutions for Large Businesses

Your organization is your people, and having the right people in the right place at the right time can have a big impact on costs, revenue, sales, service and quality. Meanwhile, businesses also struggle to manage time, to pay employees accurately, and to comply with changing wage and hour regulations. Global organizations have the added challenge of maintaining consistency, accuracy and compliance across regions with differing regulations.

Leverage innovation to address the future of your workforce.

The workforce and workplace are changing. Your employees range from millennials to baby boomers, demands on your business and time are greater than ever, and our society is more mobile and information driven. You should expect your workforce management system to not only keep up, but stay ahead of the times. ADP offers the latest innovations in workforce management.

According to VentureBeat, managers spend more than 54% of their time on administrative functions such as scheduling, but can devote only 10% of their time to strategy and innovation, and 7% to developing in-house talent. See how artificial intelligence is working to transform the future of workforce management.

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Manage labor costs and boost productivity.

Accounting for time isn’t just about payroll. Hours worked, and not worked, have a huge impact on labor costs, your largest controllable expense. Streamlining and automating fundamental workforce management activities is key to controlling these costs and boosting productivity.

  • Automate time and attendance tracking and eliminate paper timecards, and the associated errors, by enabling employees to efficiently track their time with a flexible variety of methods
  • Handle shift work, hourly work, exempt worker schedules, and even project-based work
  • Easily track time for activities, projects, and grants
  • Optimize employee scheduling to reduce overstaffing and understaffing
  • Provide real-time data for better visibility into hours, overtime and other cost drivers
  • Better manage retail labor budgeting, forecasting, scheduling and task management in one system
  • Streamline systems to minimize redundant data entry from disparate systems

Best practices in time and labor budgeting require the matching of workload volumes to available labor resources. Learn the 10 BEST PRACTICES FOR TIME AND ATTENDANCE PROFESSIONALS.

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Reduce risk with flexible, configurable wage and hour tracking.

Time is money—and it can also be a liability. Help prevent compliance violations, grievance filings or safety risks associated with mismanaged time and labor. The right workforce management solution can help manage these risks.

  • Highly configurable work and pay rules to help maintain compliance with policies, union contracts and labor laws
  • Streamlined data collection to help simplify payroll processing and administration, which can reduce payroll errors, leading to increased job satisfaction for your workers
  • Reporting and audit trails for compliance purposes
  • Visibility for employees nearing ACA benefits thresholds
  • Optional leave case management

By standardizing time across multiple states with ADP, the PulteGroup was able to better control costs and improve compliance.

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Gain visibility with workforce management analytics.

Imagine if you could more easily arrange adequate staffing levels, avoid costly overtime and supplemental staffing, and use historical trends and predictive algorithms for more accurate planning. ADP solutions aggregate data, and present it visually to empower managers to take a proactive role in steering the business.

  • Improved data collection enables you to analyze absence trends, reduce absenteeism, better control paid time off and leaves of absence, and quickly spot and address inefficiencies
  • Identify productive vs. non-productive time and benchmark your company’s performance against similar companies in size, geography, and industry
  • More accurately measure actual versus scheduled hours, and hours worked against ACA eligibility thresholds
  • Enable tracking of time and resources against specific activities, projects, and grants for improved budget forecasting

See how ADP DataCloud can help you gain actionable insights from your workforce data.

Make it easy for your employees and managers on the frontline.

Managing schedules can be extremely challenging, particularly for managers in retail, manufacturing and other industries where shift work and seasonal peaks are common. Help your staff manage their employees better, smarter and faster by equipping them with easy-to-use tools to respond to staffing requirements and demands.

  • A mobile application provides 24/7 access for employees and supervisors to manage work schedules
  • Employees and managers can track time and attendance, clock in and out, swap shifts, check time off balances, submit time off requests
  • Employee preferences, skills and certifications are stored and leveraged during the scheduling process, and the system can help you staff the right employees with the right skills for the job

The ADP mobile app has really allowed us to be more innovative

Cathy Maloney, Senior Director Financial Operations, KinderCare Education

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