Wage Payment Solutions for Midsized Businesses: Help Close Your HCM-Related Compliance Gaps and Reduce Costs

With the ADP SmartCompliance® Payments module.

Whether you have an ADP solution in place to manage your payroll or you are using other systems, you want to lower your costs and minimize risk by expanding electronic pay options for your workforce. Meeting compliance requirements with paper pay and statements can be challenging when faced with check delivery issues and inclement weather delays. Achieving a higher employee adoption rate of electronic methods for payroll and wage statements can help prevent non-compliance issues and significantly reduce printing and shipping costs of delivering paper checks and statements.

Implement and Execute More Electronic Pay Options
Seamlessly add electronic pay solutions to your ADP or other payroll system without interrupting your current process.

  • Payroll cards and online pay statements
  • Integration with most ERP / payroll systems
  • Dedicated integration and service teams
  • Helps create happier employees who receive their pay electronically, saving them money and time from having to cash their paper checks at check-cashing stores

Help Reduce Involvement of Multiple Departments
Help reduce complexity by helping to free HR, IT, Treasury, Accounting and other departments from managing multiple tasks when using electronic pay options.

  • Single payroll processing file solution every payday
  • Flexible electronic payroll disbursement options: Direct Deposit and payroll card solutions
  • Single vendor for all payment methods
  • Cost savings – Electronic payroll cards can help eliminate printing and distribution expenses: Top performers achieved a 90 percent electronic payroll distribution rate and process payroll at a 94% lower cost per employee and are almost 3X’s more productive than the peer group
  • Companies with electronic payroll distribution of only 76 percent had a cost per employee of $142.25 vs. the top performer cost of $73.34
  • Companies with high employee participation in electronic payroll can cut their payroll distribution costs by over 90 percent.1

Give your Employees More Pay Options
These payment methods are best in class and provide accuracy, reliability and help to ensure that your employees will be paid on time, every time. And when your employees choose Direct Deposit or the ALINE Card by ADP® vs. a paper check, your payroll disbursement becomes more electronic. You’ll likely save costs associated with multiple bank fees and vendor files by using our single payroll file containing your bank and wage statement data.

Direct Deposit - Direct Deposit eliminates the need for paper checks by electronically depositing payroll funds directly into your employees’ bank accounts. You’ll likely save time and cost by eliminating the need to prepare and reconcile checks in-house.

ALINE CardALINE Card - Another electronic payment option for employees who want all or part of their pay to be direct deposited onto an ALINE Card. The ALINE Card is a great option for employees who don’t have a bank account or for those who want to use the ALINE Card to help budget their expenses. It’s also a great tool to save for a goal or to easily share funds from their payroll with trusted family members (additional validation/cost/setup may apply).

Instant TIPS by GratSyncTM - offers employers and employees a secure alternative to cash payments. This real-time solution reduces the time it takes to pay TIPS, ensures accurate payments and integrates seamlessly with clients' point of sale system.

Designed to be compliant in U.S. States where payroll cards are permissible

  • Qualified purchases are protected by Visa® or MasterCard® “Zero Liability” policies
  • Funds are FDIC insured

ALINE Card works for all employees

  • No employee bank account required
  • No credit check because it’s not a credit card
  • Shop in stores or online and pay bills wherever prepaid cards are accepted
  • Nearly 70,000 in-network, surcharge-free ($0) ATMs nationwide to access cash2
  • Easy account management with the FREE ADP® Mobile Solutions App

100% pay to the penny funds access

  • Over-the-counter teller cash withdrawals for no charge ($0) at nearly 90,000 Visa Member banks nationwide

The ALINE Card is especially attractive to businesses with employees who cannot or do not have a banking relationship. Here are just a few reasons why employees may welcome this payday option:

Minimizes fees – Employees may be paying high fees to cash their paychecks at check cashing stores and to pay bills using money orders every month, expenses they may eliminate or reduce with an ALINE Card. They may also be paying money order fees to send money to family in the U.S. every pay day. With the ALINE Card, they can order additional cards for trusted family members to share access to funds deposited on their ALINE Card account.

Saves time – Once they receive their paycheck employees may have to run around to different places and wait in line to cash it, purchase money orders, and pay bills- a burden that’s removed when they have an ALINE Card.

Provides more freedom – With the ALINE Card, employees know that their money is automatically deposited. They don’t have to worry about how they’ll get their paycheck on sick days, vacation days or when inclement weather delays mail delivery.

iPayStatements – Allow your employees to go paperless with electronic statements and self-service tools to view, print and save their pay, W-2, and 1099 statements. Electronic statements can be accessed online or through the FREE ADP Mobile Solutions App.

1 The Hackett Group, 2015 Global Payroll Performance Study.
2 In accordance with cardholder agreement & fee schedule.

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