Talent Management System for Midsized Business

To achieve your business goals, you need the right people in place. We’ve got the tools you need to help recruit them, and align their performance to your big-picture objectives.

Attract talent and hire strategically.

You can easily create a custom careers site, post jobs, assess and select candidates, and share workflows with hiring managers using our intuitive software. And when you’ve found the right fit, we’ll help you create a clear and compelling onboarding experience.

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Create a consistent — and even delightful — experience for your employees.

From recruitment to succession, you make an impression on your people every day. With ADP’s integrated systems, you’ll be able to create a cohesive and consistent employee experience. Inspire your staff from day one, and keep them engaged throughout performance reviews and beyond.

Align performance and compensation with your business objectives.

Assess your staff both quantitatively and qualitatively — and in terms of how they’re contributing to business priorities using our performance management capabilities. Plus, keep your staff focused on what’s most important to the company with financial rewards. Our compensation management tools will help you make sure you’re paying people to industry standards, and allocating your budget according to your business goals.

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Use data to your advantage.

Analytics are a critical tool for working more strategically. With talent management services and ADP DataCloud, you’ll get insights on your people that help drive smarter decision-making. Identify where your top talent is coming from, and what factors contribute to their success. Insights like these often require data from across talent management, HR, payroll, and time and labor that our integrated solutions and the ADP DataCloud can provide.

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