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Global Human Capital Management for Multinational Businesses

The challenges of managing a global workforce are formidable. Doing business in multiple countries can reduce visibility into your personnel and increase your organization’s complexity, while also introducing new risks. The pressures are real, but ADP can help. No other provider of global human capital management services can match our combination of expertise plus industry-leading products and services. Over 90% of our clients implement their global human capital management initiatives on time and on budget.1

What Can ADP Do For Your Global HCM?

Here are some of the ways in which ADP’s integrated approach to global human capital management can help you identify and extract the value that’s already there in the people you already have:

  • Take a more efficient approach to headcount integration during mergers and acquisitions
  • Use strategic succession planning to achieve seamless transitions in leadership and other key positions
  • Facilitate rapid expansion into new countries using a centralized approach to HCM
  • Benefit from in-country expertise to help you reduce your compliance-related risks
  • Use a global system of record to manage data and standardize practices, giving you new insights and more control
  • Adopt processes and tools that are unified and integrated, using the same “look and feel” around the globe, to increase efficiency
  • Get a single view of all of your employee data to help you plan and manage your global workforce more easily

“The cost reduction provided by using a global human capital management strategy averages 26%.”2

1. ADP
2. Firms that use a global human capital management strategy reduce total cost of ownership by an average of 26%. - NelsonHall, 2011
3. *+38% more profit per employee by standardizing global HCM processes. - CedarCrestone, 2010


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