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Global Human Resources Management: Strengthen your core Global HR – and thrive

The nature of Global  Human Resources  has changed. In many organizations global HR has had to prove its role in enabling growth and improving the bottom line. Nevertheless, it’s taken time and effort to change minds and see possibilities, both inside and outside of the HR department.

Global Human Resources Management: Core HR Drives Everything You Do

Take something as seemingly mundane as “core HR”. Many leaders view core global HR as merely transactional – at best a means to an administrative end and at worst a necessary evil – yet those who are ahead of the curve recognize it for what it is: your company’s central nervous system. Core HR touches every aspect of your business, and the health of your organization can be greatly affected by how well core HR data and functions are integrated with, adapted to and leveraged by other aspects of company operations.

Rethink What You Have to Gain By Improving Core HR

Have we convinced you yet of the worthiness of revisiting your core global HR from a strategic perspective? If not, consider these two major arguments:

  • With a more strategic approach to HR information management you’ll input all data – names, addresses, job codes, job types, salary grades, etc. – just once, which reduces redundancy and errors
  • Even better, when all of your data is in a single, global system of record you’ll be well-positioned to make strategic improvements across the board:
    • Have a consolidated and consistent view of global HR data for tracking, auditing, reporting and analysis
    • Manage, relocate or hire a global workforce
    • Take advantage of a shared services HR model
    • Improve how you plan HR activities – and lower HR costs
    • Reduce the amount of time your HR resources spend on administrative tasks
    • Use your HR department’s data and activities to implement and support other aspects of your global human capital management strategy

ADP Global Human Resources Management Solutions Address Core Issues

For most companies, there’s a giant gap between what HR executives want in terms of global employee data and what they actually have. When we surveyed them, 89% told us that having a complete view of their employees is “critical,” yet only 30% of them actually have that complete view.1 Would you like to be one of them? ADP’s solutions for global human resource management can help:

  • Eliminate redundant systems and data entry, which improves efficiency
  • Do a better job of utilizing and managing the employees you already have
  • Recognize where you need to hire new people to fill gaps, or train others in new skill areas
  • Offload low-value HR tasks through outsourcing
  • Reduce exposure to compliance issues and other risks

1. 89% told us that having a complete view of their employees is “critical,” yet only 30% of them actually have that complete view – ADP Research Institute, 2010
2. 60% of HR leaders say compliance and risk are their top concerns. – ADP Research Institute, 2010


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