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Global Payroll Services: Global service and delivery made simple

One out of every six workers in the United States is getting a payroll check from ADP. As the biggest provider of payroll services in the U.S. we’ve built a reputation for reliability, innovation and customer service. But many companies aren’t even aware that our global payroll expertise and solutions extend beyond U.S. borders to the global level. In fact, no provider can match our ability to provide efficient payroll, plus data integration and analytics, on a global scale. Whether you’re paying people in one foreign country or across multiple continents, we combine local knowledge with global experience to get the job done – in over 140 countries.

Global Payroll Presents Complex Challenges

The moment you decide to do business in a new country you’ve got a whole new set of problems to solve. When you combine several or even dozens of countries, those problems multiply exponentially. Here are just a few of the challenges that drive companies like yours to work with ADP for global payroll:

  • You need to establish payroll processes in one or more new countries
  • Your current country-level payroll isn’t being delivered in a reliable way
  • Your current global payroll process – or the lack of one – may be exposing you to legal, compliance, financial or other risks
  • Your payroll processes and data are spread across countries and not integrated on the global level
  • You lack insight into who is working for you from country to country and what you’re paying them
  • You’d like to offer a broader set of payroll options and features to employees in all of the countries where you do business
  • Payroll operations are not integrated with other strategic initiatives, resulting in missed business opportunities

Your global challenges aren’t just limited to the issues that relate to paying people in different countries, however. There are larger issues to consider such as:

  • Ensuring that your headquartered management will always have a complete, current and consolidated picture of your global workforce data
  • Enabling executives and managers to perform accurate analyses and make critical business decisions
  • Using payroll as a means for making larger improvements across your company in all areas of global human capital management

ADP Provides Simple Yet Powerful Global Solutions

Those are big challenges. Fortunately, ADP has solutions. With over 500 global clients, covering more than 8% of the world’s multinational workforce, we have deep experience serving businesses like yours. ADP can help you:

  • Integrate payroll across countries using our global payroll footprint
  • Pay employees properly, conveniently and on time
  • Implement consistent payroll administration and reporting across countries
  • Get secure online access to all of your payroll data
  • Integrate disparate payroll systems
  • Achieve better integration of your HRIS systems’ critical data by connecting your payroll processes to time and attendance.
  • Stay compliant with local laws and reduce risk exposure through proper payroll tax withholding
  • Benefit from the deep knowledge that only a local, in-country expert can provide

Our Service Levels Are Designed To Work For You

We’ve been a leading provider of global payroll services for over 60 years. Our flexible solutions combine capabilities such as mobile access and cloud-based analytics with the security and peace of mind that comes from working with a trusted, world-class company. We won’t impose our service levels on you; instead, you determine the level of support that meets the needs of your business. From simple payroll, to more extensive management of payroll processes, to completely outsourced payroll – we’ll work with you to arrive at an appropriate and customized global solution.

1. A full 40% of companies don't feel they have the necessary human capital data needed to make good decisions. - Knowledge Infusion, 2010


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