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Global Talent Management Solutions: Capitalize on your human capital

Your business is only as good as the people you have in place to run it. And your people are likely to be your biggest expense. Finding and keeping the right employees is where talent management starts, not where it ends.

With global integration of your human resource management data, processes, policies and metrics you can finally align your talent strategy with your overall business strategy. ADP is the only HCM provider with a truly global end-to-end solution, one that delivers cross-country integration of employee data and procedures with the local knowledge you need to remain both competitive and compliant.

Global Talent Management: A double-edged sword?

Doing business in multiple countries has its advantages, not the least of which is access to a global talent pool. But with that comes the need for country-level expertise to help you recognize which people can meet your company’s strategic goals today – and develop into tomorrow’s leaders.

It’s time to take talent management seriously

If your company’s talent management strategy is not where you want it to be – or not there at all – you’re not alone. Only 1 in every 14 companies – that’s just 7% – has a mature global talent management strategy in place today1. A comprehensive global talent strategy is a critical contributing factor in achieving your company’s larger objectives, one that can help you:

  • Find, attract, hire, onboard and develop top talent around the world
  • Implement a global succession management program for positions at all levels
  • Meet all legal, financial and procedural requirements for hiring and employing people overseas
  • Get a clear picture of what you’re spending on talent from country to country as well as collectively
  • Identify gaps in skills, and put a plan in place to remedy them, for every potential and current employee

ADP spans the spectrum of talent disciplines, globally

How can you simplify the work of sifting through all that potential talent, pick the right people to hire, and plan their career trajectories before you even bring them on board? ADP’s global talent management solutions can help. We provide consulting expertise and solutions in all major areas of talent management:

1. For every 14 companies, only 1 has a mature global talent strategy in place. - Bersin & Associates, June 2010
2. 93% of companies have no talent management strategy. - Talent Management: Benchmarks, Trends, & Best Practices, Bersin & Associates, 2010


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ADP’s in-country experts provide local knowledge and experience combined with a deep commitment to service, making doing business in one or more countries other than your own feel a lot less foreign.

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