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Someone, somewhere in Asia worked
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Time and Attendance: Know who’s doing what, where and when

When you’re searching for ways to improve your company’s efficiency and lower costs it’s easy to overlook everyday functions like time and attendance tracking. On the surface, tracking employee vacation, sick leave and other time-related data doesn’t seem to offer a lot of strategic value. Yet labor management is one area of global human capital management that, when optimized and integrated with other HCM areas, can have a major impact on your business.

Time and Attendance: More Than Just Record-Keeping

Think for a moment about all of the other areas of your business operations that time and attendance tracking touch on a daily basis. Nearly all of them are major contributors to how well you’re executing on your global human capital management strategy. By optimizing labor management you can accelerate payroll processes, achieve better wage and hour compliance, and improve workforce allocation efforts.

ADP Provides Flexible Yet Powerful Workforce Tracking

ADP’s global time and attendance solutions can help you:

  • See who you have available, what skills they have and where they’re most needed
  • Monitor and report on hours worked, overtime, and paid time off
  • Enable managers to easily schedule shifts, enforce leave policies and process leave requests
  • Give workers the ability to input their hours via mobile apps, badges and other convenient means
  • Use a single, consistent set of tools for tracking, reporting and analyzing workforce activity at country, regional and global levels
  • Fully integrate time and attendance functions and data with other ADP-provided solutions for human capital management such as payroll servicing, benefits administration and human resource management


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On the surface it seems like mere record-keeping, but improving your time and attendance tracking can lead to increased efficiency all around your business. ADP can show you how.

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