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HR & Payroll Reviews for Small Business

ADP customer reviews, and success stories for small businesses.

Helping Franchisees Save Time and Money

Kim Cacace

The HR functionality was definitely a welcome change … having it helps save us in the ballpark of about $50—60k a year for full time person.

Kim Cacace, Director of Finance, The MAX Challenge

Second-to-none customer service

Chris Gunn

ADP provides the perfect solution for our payroll and related reporting needs. They understand what it means to be an outsourced service provider and their onboarding process is smooth and easy.

Chris Gunn, CEO, Approach Consulting

Getting fast and easy payroll

Chris Bredenson

Running payroll for a small business is a headache. For me to have switched over to ADP, it’s saved...hours and hours every week. It could come out to days a month!

Chris Bredesen, Owner, The Rockefeller and Captain Kidds

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Managing your team with confidence

Jon Michaelson

We had an employee issue that I wasn't sure how to handle. I called [ADP] and...they walked me through some suggestions and gave me some advice on how to handle the situation and it was perfect.

Jon Michaelson, Owner, Leaf

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Getting your taxes right

Kevin Jennings

As a small business we operate in 5 or 6 different there are a lot of requirements for filing taxes in each one. ADP does an excellent job of helping us maintain that.

Kevin Jennings, President & CEO, Millennium Corporation

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Establishing policies that protect your business

Kevin Doffing

Putting together an employee handbook really only took me about an hour. With ADP, we spend less time in our back office, which allows us to stay focused on profit-generating activities.

Kevin Brice Doffing, Owner/CEO, Sam’s Safety Equipment

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